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Fashion Hacks Good All Year

Looking good won’t always require you to need to keep up with all the latest Fads and trends.  Sometimes you just need to understand the importance these tips.  I know shopping is fun for me anyway.  Yet, sometimes it’s not in the budget.  Hope this article helps teach you some basic principles about paying attention to the details. These hacks are going to affect your looks more than others.  Yes, they can making or breaking your overall look, regardless of how fantastic the outfit is.  

For Style Guides Success This Is Key

  1. Remember that the number one thing about any garment is the fit!  If the fit is off your going to look overwhelmed by the garment. Is it too big or the fit is to small it’s going to look as bad maybe worse. What’s going to happen if it’s too small is often have weird puckers or like you can’t move freely!  

As a technical designer, it’s very important to remember the area of a garment that needs the same alteration every time because you are going to want to avoid unsightly puckers and gaps!  There is times its not caused by fit but a lack of the pattern drafter to make the proper adjustments to the pattern.  Never forget the way it fits your body is going to be a major factor on if the look is classy and polished.  Its not uncommon with lower end brands to have these issues.  One I see often is a garment looks twisted,  this is not a problem that can be fixed.  This is what happens when the pattern is cut off grain.  Pay atten to the details, because these are often what can make or break you overall look.   

Ultimate free fashion Hacks on a budget

Understanding Your Body Shape

 2. Always keep in mind what your shape is and how you are going to use the garment to flatter your look. An example is someone that’s more pear-shaped would look fantastic in an A-Line skirt than in a more fitted style skirt with gathers down the front of the garment. This added bulk from the gathers will add bulk and doesn’t play up the smallest part of your body like the A-line would but draws the eyes down to the larger part of a pear-shaped body (the hips and thighs).

*Pro Tip- Did you know the wearing a V-Neck is more slimming

Know What To Accentuate

 3. Be thoughtful of how you dress your body shape Because this can play a big ROLE in how you look!

Always play up attention to the best area while distracting from other areas that often are our trouble spots! This is something many don’t use to help them keep in the most stylish looks.  

An example of what I mean is; I have a pear-shape a bit heavier on the bottom but have a very petite upper body frame. I often have to wear a padded bra that gives me a little bit more of a chest to help balance out the lower half and give me more. By doing this it makes my hips appear more balanced in proportion to my upper measurements and will draw attention to my waist my smallest part of my body.

What Influence you style

keep it Classy & Know The Right Time & Place

  1. There is a time and a place for all your outfits. Just be aware of this rule when picking your attire for the day. As a stylist I believe Classic sexy is always sexier then barley dressed sexy, when out and about! 

Regardless of what your doing remember that you will make more of a statement looking classy and sexy like 1920’s flapper look! Save the real barely there outfit for the bedroom, not the bar. Make your man earn those looks! You want to leave some things to the imagination! To avoid any confusion yes they may get a lot of attention in their underwear but it’s not good attention and will not boost your self-confidence long term, but you are guaranteed to boost it by wearing a beautifully designed LBD or now an LWD (little black dress or little white dress).  

Outer beauty Attracts

You Must Be Confident In Your Style

 5. When you are picking out your outfit for the day remember that if you are trying to decide between two outfits go with the one outfit that you feel the most confident in and comfortable! 

This will enhance your style because when we feel like we look good on the outside it boosts our confidence and everything else! 

You are going to feel good, look good, while walking taller, holding your head higher and this will show in your life! This is one of the most important factors, so don’t take this last tip lightly! 

Fashion is an Armor

Make Your Closet Last Longer

Pro Tip and Tricks

It’s commonly wondered how often we need to wash out clothes and especially our jeans!  

    ** -If your anything like me you wants to wear jeans in and get them prepped for a night out!

 ⁃you don’t need to wash clothes every time you wear them unless you are doing hard work and/or sweating a lot. 

 – Doing a dirty job and/or needs to be cleaned. 

 ⁃When you wear clothes for 2 hours somewhere and do not break a sweat or get them dirty wearing them.

 -You can wear them more than one time between washes when possible.  

 ⁃Jeans can go longer between then a tank top or thin shirt.  

 ⁃Washing your clothes is very hard on them so the more you wash the fewer wears you will get! Only wash if needed! 

If you enjoyed this article please let me know and feel free to ask me any questions.

I’m going to be teaching you the best way to buy and break in your perfect pair of jeans!  

        <h4>*Pro Tip I wash my tanks and tops that are thin by hand similar to my bras soaking in sink for a hour or so and then put in washer on spin cycle only then hang or lay flat to dry</h4>     
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