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About Ella Rose Designs

About Ella Rose Design

What is Ella Rose Design and who do we help? 

We are here for busy boss babes that need to make things happen! Always needing to be on point! We offer a variety of services that are designed to keep the inside and outside on the same page for you. This will allow you to always put your best foot forward and allow you to show up being your best every day.

We are here to take a lot off your plate! We are here to help you develop your brand and image of the beautiful confident boss babe that you are! From the house, event, other's homes, salon, etc.  You are going to be able to have a signature style. This will have a reflection on your business,  what you are wearing in your lives and other events speaks louder than words. We are here to make life easy on you, keeping everything On Point!
The perfect life hack making you appear superhuman! 
Ella Rose Design Maui is your hometown Boutique; except we're available to meet you where you are online. Essentially making it more conveniently accessible on the internet but we will still offer you the same personalized service you would expect from your local business specializing in all things design.
We are here to keep you sane in a crazy world, with extremely personal service and specialized attention to the details so you can focus on your projects hassle-free.
Here’s the inside scoop of what makes us your go to experts from Head to toe! 
Let me share my background to help you get an idea of why I want to help you make life easy. I’ve graduated from college with my BFA specializing in fashion design, working as a fashion buyer for a wholesaler in  Dallas, TX where I started in sales working up to a buyer position.  It was honestly what I had always dreamed of doing. However, much I had dreamed of being a buyer and after expanding that business by 4 divisions I made a very difficult decision to move back home.
As a violent crime survivor that had happened in my last semester of college, I had many changes to my new lifestyle, some dreams were not an option after due to PTSD, and the limitations that put on me. (See our dedication to help others suffering)
Needing to move home, I made some adjustments and started working as an interior designer when living back in Michigan. I was able to snag a top sales position at Arhause by the third month working for them. They are a very high-end custom interior design and furniture store.
This allowed me to relocate to Maui, Hawaii within a year of working with them. Once, settled into Maui life I  began working for one of the only and larger furniture stores on island for the next several years. While working for a local business owner again in a small town on a small island this time I began to get the reality that life is not the same here as it is on the mainland.
Unimaginable how extremely high expectations are with limited resources. It’s a make you or break you.
Here you must be much more resourceful because we don’t have the large teams that they do elsewhere. Being hired as the owner's assistant I had tons of responsibilities. Many were our advertising, website, and interior design.  I was the one who did our photo-shoots for our advertising, video shoots for tv, and all the newspapers. I was also responsible for creating sales to drive business and all marketing. This small store was busier then I had even thought it would be on the island.
With all this experience combined with my education and background, I believe this gives me a great advantage of being your go-to helper and if that's not enough I now have an amazing partner that matches my Design Degree with her's in business!
What that means for you is... we got you covered. Ella Rose Designs Maui is so excited to have Trisha Hert who recently joined me to do styling and the fashion side while I work on much of the front end stuff! Having her is amazing she is helping us design a box package of jewelry we will have in various options and styles to treat yourself!
Our inbound attraction marketing strategy guarantee a more humanitarian approach our clients experience from beginning to end!  
Ella Rose Design Maui is taking Attraction marketing up a level by implication of inbound  methodologies, This system takes a humanistic approach empathetic understanding of our customers needs 1st!
If we don’t offer the service you're needing, we know who does. That means we can do anything from getting you the contact info to contacting and you take it from there.  We will also be the point of contact to help coordinate the job, and can help you get it set up to.  Consider us that third hand you have been requesting, haha!  We are a personalized service that offers you a cohesive connection between running your home, mind, business, and your brand...
Imagine Ultimate cohesion from Social Media, business, brand, and everything else all in alignment with your own entourage!
Do you ever feel like showing up on social media is a chore? Many of us are working from that very source so we have to stay consistent. Always producing and repurposing content! Regardless, if you don’t think you can afford your entourage, with our specialized programs you can have it all. We help you take care of you as a whole and help you design the life of your dreams. Imagine those small details that add us your solving every day, now they will be consistent and cohesive. We are here to build your confidence in us but even more important in yourself that you've got it all handled.
One of the most important messages we want to share is how many women feel like they just can’t do it all. That can often be a mindset issue but on the other hand, you need to know yourself, just like most women often take on more then they can handle its important to have the stronger mind site to know that you can handle what's on your plate and if you cant we've got your back. What we don't want is you to become overloaded, not ok to taking on way to much and running your cup dry trying to fill everyone else's cup.
You can’t pour a glass of water from an empty pitcher. You can't keep doing for others without considering ourselves first. 
Build your powerhouse as you eliminate limiting beliefs to unveil your most powerful tool you have!
We are helping to strength your mindset and keep your cup full to continue without burnout. Your confidence can be suffering because you don’t realize that your mindset is usually off in some areas.
Boosting your confidence and your image will mirror both your inside and out. Image reflecting the same picture for you and others. We allow you to run your busy business with ease and confidence. Our huge goal is to set you up to have the same view of yourself as we see, so you will match your outer with the in with your image and mind set!
Take your business, & most important your life to the next level to the unbeatable boss babe vision you always imagined! 
We are one of the only image, life, and design consultants that look at you as a whole person offering to help your branding design, consulting, and mindset coaching. We look at you as a whole!  The best part that includes your personal, professional, busy mom life and brand altogether.
We set you up with tools you need to keep them all in alignment with your vision, goals, especially your dreams to create the cohesive environment needed to achieve success in all of them. What is most important to us is our clients and how they can perform at peak with the best mindset for success!
Do yourself a favor and spare yourself the balancing act of life. I promise some balls with fall when you don’t allow Ella Rose Design Maui to help you design your life. As anyone who’s aware of my whole story they know that I did rebuild and then I did it again.  This has taught me a combination of everything that I’ve had to learn to help share one's creative visions, plus trying to learn the technical side of things! The most important part of the business is planning.  They say not planning is planning to fail; let us help you be ready as soon as the work comes to you, otherwise you









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