Hello and welcome to my Website. Here you can expect to receive information that ranges from fashion and style trends to various things to help you grow as an individual; Because, one thing I’ve learned is self-development and learning to love us, is a must regardless of what your passions are throughout life. Fashion has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Honestly, I’m scared to know how much money I’ve spent over the years on all things fashion from products, clothing, & books; To sewing machines, dress forms, & even college so basically all things Fashion. I’m just a Michigander woman that spent the majority of my life in the very small town my parents grew up in a similer fashion as our generation with several Aunts and Uncles around often usually all my cousins too. We were so blessed in many ways, although it was difficult there was little to know fashion in Oxford, MI; growing up. As a young girl I was always looking for ways to improve by using my own or others experiences to learn from, usually the others were any of my three older brothers that were notorious for their pranks around the small town. I spent most of my younger years dressing my brothers, mother, cousins, aunts, and friends. I was constantly looking for ways to try to make everything revolve around fashion. However, I always kinda felt that because of my small town mentality and beliefs that their were not big opportunities in fashion regardless of my location. When I was growing up I was always a bit heaver than most kids my age, so I had some insecurities especially regarding fashion. This early experience I believe give me an opportunity to offer a real unique perspective into this world. This I’m hoping will help me relate to a broader audience that maybe isn’t the ideal cookie cutter image of what their dreams are, or feel like their small town life is not going to be realistic for chasing and creating their big dreams. Regardless, of my challenges I never quit on my love of fashion from styling my family and friends just about any time we were doing something or going somewhere. In addition I was always shopping regularly as this was the one thing my mother and I had in common. We were always looking for the latest and greatest styles, steals, and deals! Throughout my crazy experiences of trying to have big dreams in a small town I made a lot of mistakes! Regardless, I also had several unexpected successes and I’m hoping to help others who can relate to any part of my story. Soon after graduation from High School I had an unexpected weight loss that surprisingly helped me become a more confident size for my style choices, regardless of what size I was one thing it taught me to learned to love myself no matter what my exterior image was, because the only real beauty that mattered was inner beauty. I’m so happy to have had the experience of knowing how others feel when your not at their goal size or other goal challenges. I believe this has helped me to have true empathy for those individuals and try to be compassionate. Thank you for your time reading this I will include an about me page with more detailed information as well as my history and qualifications that I hope you will enjoy and help you understand me and my point of view. Regardless, the main hope of this sight is to use this platform as an opportunity to help others in similar situations or life experiences have a place thats here to help offer inspiration and guidance from my own experiences. My main goal has always been a strong desire to help others any chance I get! Aloha Elizabeth Rose, Ella

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5 ultimate fashion hacks guaranteed to keep you looking expensive on a budget, in a time crunch or both!

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5 ultimate fashion hacks guaranteed to keep you looking expensive on a budget, in a time crunch or both! Read More »