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We are here for busy boss babes that need to make things happen! Always needing to be on point! We offer a variety of services that are designed to keep the inside and outside on the same page for you. This will allow you to always put your best foot forward and allow you to show up being your best every day.

We are here to take a lot off your plate! We are here to help you develop your brand and image of the beautiful confident boss babe that you are! From the house, event, other’s homes, salon, etc.  You are going to be able to have a signature style. This will have a reflection on your business,  what you are wearing in your lives and other events speaks louder than words. We are here to make life easy on you, keeping everything on point!


Im Ella Rose, Below is where my  Visions, Creativity, & production collid! 

I’ve spent most my life in a creative space.  Learning a variety of design techniques is my passion.

I hope to be an example for youth to always follow your dreams even as they evolve. 

I’m an award winning fashion designer, stylist, Expert, fine artist, & designer.  I love fashion including image consulting in the program my life has been an evolution of experiences leading me to this point. 

A 3rd gen. entrepreneur; building a personal brand is my 3rd business, & 1st in tech space. 

My passion to empower women,  In coaching & consulting are extremely unique. My combination of skill, work & personal experience created a unique skill set. 

With  inclusive programs, offer a holistic approach, included in my custom Business or Live coaching programs.  Its in totally in alignment, as my dedication to Raise Awareness for Mental Health & Trauma Survivors will allow me to be available to continue working on my Business, Cause, & helping others.  If your interested in learning more, about my story I’d love to share it with you by clicking Read More just below   

Always be a light to guide those stuck in the dark, Spread Kindness , Compassion, while Promoting Positive Vibes all!  We can be the change we Want to see in the world, Just remember it starts with you!  

“When you feel the fear, keep pushing harder! Everything you ever wanted is just on the other side of fear”











Ella Rose Design Maui © 2020 

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